Welcome To YL Gathering Place

Gary Young loves the oil “Gathering.” He calls it the oil of the Young Living community! In our name YL Gathering Place, the term has a double meaning. We hope to gather not only the Young Living community in unity, but also incredible resources that will help us reach out to others!

We are a cross line group of Young Living leaders that wanted to help cultivate a culture of sharing within our company. We decided to pool the incredible resources that leaders in Young Living have made available so that it is easier than ever to train those who join our teams.

We focus specifically on education, and tools to help with educating others.

We are always on the lookout for more great resources, so if you’d like to share something with the Young Living community, please email us at web@ylgatheringplace.com

Meet the Active Admins

Marci Blasi
Marci BlasiTurn-Around Tolkein
Having been involved in leadership for over 15 years, and initially using store-bought essential oils, I instantly embraced Young Living oils right from the first sniff! I have a passion for wanting others to use natural health modalities, and since Young Living came along, great things have been in store! The meeting of our little group was a Divine appointment, and I can’t think of a better cause to be a part of, so come alongside us!
Carman Boley
Carman BoleySilver Leader
I’m a 2014 graduate of Oral Roberts University, and my passion is to empower others to live a lifestyle that brings them joy and fulfills their God-given talents and dreams. I’m a twenty-something who gets to live a life others only dream about. I want to help make this life a reality for others!
Tammy Boley
Tammy BoleyThe Counselor
True success is always built on servant leadership.  My passion is loving God and loving people by connecting them with what they need, then cheering them on to victory! I’m thrilled to be connected with this powerful team of loving individuals creating a #CultureofSharing and learning to #OilWell.
Ashley Boyd
Ashley BoydPassion-ista
I have a passion for sharing natural health with others, and educating leaders to do the same!  I’m so thankful for the blessings God has brought into my life through Young Living in the forms of health, friends, and finances! This website has been a labor of love! #CultureofSharing
Melissa Mason
Melissa MasonThe Voice of Reason
God brought together Drop of Life… I have a partner and creative genius Kathryn Infinger. Young Living has been life changing for me both physically, emotionally and financially. Together we began the vision of teamwork for education, sharing and developing resources. God has enlarged that vision into YL Gathering Place where He orchestrated this group of friends for His glory and to equip others to live their dreams with YLEOs.

Special Thanks to the YL Gathering Place Founders

Michelle Bensch
Michelle BenschThe Classy One
Kristen Daschke
Kristen DaschkeThe Young One
Mary Finestead
Mary FinesteadThe Precious One
Amanda Friedl
Amanda FriedlThe Gathering Mom
Melissa Russo
Melissa RussoThe Cheerleader