5 05, 2016

Don’t Be a Cocoon Cracker

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We’ve all been there.  Someone comes up and says they want to be a leader.  You meet with them, encourage them, pour into them, give them step by step instructions, hold their hand, do for them… and then get nothing out of them.

No […]

10 02, 2015

Ethical Leadership

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I’ve been asked to write about cross-recruiting… and here are my thoughts…

First, occasionally, relatives or dear friends end up in different groups. That’s rare, but it happens, and yes, in those cases, it’s probably a good idea to maintain peace in the family and have one or the other move, so that both are together […]

27 01, 2015

Practical Steps to Silver in Six

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We here at YL Gathering Place, want to help you achieve success in the BUSINESS side of Young Living.
The average monthly check for Silver rank is $1,500.  The average gold monthly check is $5,000.
Here are some practical steps to
13 11, 2014

Build Your Dream… Together!

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Regardless of what network marketing business products you have, you are actually in the relationship-building business. Taking a genuine interest in people, and making friends for the sake of making friends, is the first step in creating lasting relationships that extend far past your business and enrich every aspect of life.

One of the takeaways for […]

7 11, 2014

Learning to Dream

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One of the major takeaways I had from the Mastermind Event this weekend is how much our success and that of our leaders is tied our ability to envision what our future would be like were we to succeed.  So often in the process of just growing up, we give up our big dreams (owning […]

17 10, 2014

Who is YL Gathering Place?

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We’ve had such an incredible response to the website and just wanted to take some time to introduce who we are and why we have put together this resource.

We are a  cross line group of Young Living Leaders who met at Silver Retreat, this year. We discovered that we all had a passion for helping […]

7 10, 2014

The Energy that Built Young Living: Kathy Farmer

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When I first heard about the concept of YL Gathering Place, I was thrilled! This is the energy that built Young Living even at the beginning. The first event I attended in Utah, back in January 1994, I was amazed and thrilled when Marcella Vonn Harting, took the time to introduce herself […]

23 09, 2014

Young Living’s New Virtual Office

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The New Virtual Office has Launched!

Young Living is stepping it up with a new and improved Virtual Office!  The highly anticipated launch in the US and Canada was preceded by a 2 month beta testing phase in which Young Living leaders had the opportunity to participate.  This means that for two months Young Living has […]