Regardless of what network marketing business products you have, you are actually in the relationship-building business. Taking a genuine interest in people, and making friends for the sake of making friends, is the first step in creating lasting relationships that extend far past your business and enrich every aspect of life.

One of the takeaways for me from the recent Mastermind event is to take the time outside of business to get to know the people I meet through Young Living, to learn about their lives, families, history, dreams and passions. Building real relationships through direct sales is no different than what the entrepreneurs of yesterday did with corner grocery stores, locally owned gas stations, and the myriad of other businesses that built our hometown economies.

Are you sharing history building moments with people? My friend Michelle Bensch, who happens to be my sponsor, and I have an extensive history. Our friendship has been solidified by our experiences shared with Young Living as we’ve traveled the country together. We have a deeper level of trust because, not only are we friends, we are doing business together.

Here are a few tips to help you build solid relationships within your organization:

  • Let your people know they can count on you, no matter what. Be there for them when life happens.
  • Keep friendships first. Cultivate your friendships with non business activities.
  • Get better at staying in touch with people. Don’t just call when there’s an organization issue, or an event you need help with. Support them in all aspects of life.
  • Work as a team, play as a team. Do fun stuff. And do it together.
  • Stay in rapport when you disagree and present information that makes people think. Don’t tell them what to think, just give them things to think about!
  • Developing loyalty within your organization protects them and you. As a leader, it’s your job to cultivate that culture within your team. People respond to honor, respect, caring and kindness, and these solidify the culture of loyalty within an organization. Develop these attributes within your group and show others what a team can do and accomplish together!

~Tammy Boley