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We’ve all been there.  Someone comes up and says they want to be a leader.  You meet with them, encourage them, pour into them, give them step by step instructions, hold their hand, do for them… and then get nothing out of them.

No actions, no application, no productivity.

What do you do when someone really seems to need the business, and we want to see them succeed SO badly, but they put forth little to no effort on their own?

Royal Crown Diamond Michael McDanel has some ideas that he shared with us!

“Confession, I too was guilty of being a “Cocoon Cracker”, one who wants for that new person to become a ‘butterfly’ without having to endure the required ‘metamorphosis’ that we now know is crucial in developing the necessary ‘strength'(skills) to properly develop and fly by one’s self!

I’m thinking of creating a new support group for recovering “Cocoon Crackers”. Adopting the 10 steps format:

1. I will only mentor my new team member with three presentations (do/assist/support), and then they’re to do the same!

2. If a team member fights hard enough for their own self-limiting beliefs, I will allow them to keep them!

3. My ONLY responsibility to my team is to Lead By Example and mentor those who are Committed & Coachable! I’d finally learned not to try to ‘breathe’ life into the ‘nonliving’. Besides a very sharp 4 yr. old recently informed me that Zombies have cooties! 🙁

4. Create a vision SO LARGE, that it mandates the partnering with others in order for it to be fulfilled AND assist team members in creating THEIR own! (Reference 1st part of step 3.) “Without a big enough WHY, that bird ain’t goin’ to FLY!” (Just made that one up!) * bird = member’s dream

5. Teach the Power of Momentum & Intuition. We can probably all remember when first learning to ride a bicycle and the scrapes and bruises that went along with that experience. What if, we had only practiced riding that bicycle for @ 10 minutes a day once or twice a week? Over time we’d probably associate riding the bicycle not with the joy and freedom that learning that new skill brought, but with just trying to avoid additional scrapes and bruises! I’m betting most of our REAL experiences with learning to ride were closer to – EVERY possible moment we could be on that bicycle WE WERE! And that over time the Momentum of Repetition took effect along with our Intuitive “knowing” (not sure how we knew that, we just did!) took hold and we ‘squealed’ with the new found freedom and proud of our accomplishing a new skill!! That is the POWER of doing MULTIPLE presentations over a SHORT period of time, MOMENTUM & INTUITION kicks in. AND we get to ‘squeal’  : )   No fun for them if we never take off the ‘training wheels’ for them i.e. we’re again ‘babying’ them!

6. I am not a doctor! Distributor, “What do you suggest for….?” Our reply, “Good question, do you have your Essential Oil Desk Reference handy? Great let’s look up…. in the back and see what is recommended!” (maybe that should be place higher up) ; )

7. Show me the LIST! Creating one’s list is paramount in overcoming the SCARCITY mindset that most of us encounter when someone says NO to our offer (be it the business or product). The bigger the list the less likely one’s going to be devastated by a few NOs along the way in reaching their goal. After assisting them in starting their list (50+), it’s now up to them to finish it (100+)(“I’m no longer a Cocoon Cracker” is my new mantra!). If they should choose not to complete their LIST, then as my ancestors’ would say, “No ticket, No laundry!” (I’m pretty sure I had ancestors that would have said that or something like it!) There are NOW requirements to earn my time because I’ll be giving them 100% of my attention as long as they choose to work. (Can you FEEEEL my new Posture!)

8. Show them the E.R.I.C. (not what you might think!) Now that their list is complete, we introduce them to E.R.I. C. E = Entrepreneur, R = Resources, I = circle of Influence and C = Circumference from you. We have them also write down in a column the numbers 1, 2, 3. 1 = less than them, 2 = equal to them and 3 = greater than them. Now we have them say the first person on their list, which is ‘Sally’ and we ask, “What number would you give ‘Sally’ as an Entrepreneur?” They reply, “A ‘2’, I feel she’s equal to me as far her entrepreneur skills are concerned.” Then we ask, “What number would you give ‘Sally’ regarding her available Resources?” They reply, “A ‘3’, she definitely has more resources than I do!” Next we ask, “What number would you give ‘Sally’ regarding her circle of Influence?” They reply, “A ‘3’ again, she knows a lot more people than I do!” And lastly, we ask, “What number, 0 being ‘Sally’ is greater than 60 miles away from you and 1 being she is less than 60 miles away?” They reply, ” A ‘1’, she’s within 60 miles from me.” Now we add up the numbers (10 being the highest number attainable and 3 being the lowest) and ‘Sally’ scores a ‘9’! We ask them to continue going through their LIST, scoring each person. We just taught them how to PRIORITIZE their LIST and to work with QUALITY people first in order to build a strong team from the get go! (As we continue to teach them new skills in approaching those on their LIST and they then bring in their 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s and teach their new people to do the same, WOW, we have one powerful non-Cocoon Cracking organization!

9. Hook ’em up! Now that we are no longer Cocoon Cracking, babysitting, hand-holding enablers let’s introduce them to some of our ‘SOURCES’!

Let’s start with our ‘main man’, “Big Al”! His 25 Skills are awesome and they can get a periodic ‘hit’ by signing up to his newsletter at

Another awesome bald dude is Randy Gage. His book, “You, Making the First Circle Work” is very good along with his “Duplication Nation”. Both can be found at

One more ‘smart’ guy (and yeah he’s bald too!) is Eric Worre! He’s got a great book, “Go Pro” that can be found at .

And my current favorite lady (other than my bride, Connie!) is Artemis Limpert!! This gal ROCKS! Her “Educating Your Expectations” and “Taking On The Mantle Of Leadership” will cause anyone to do a little self-reflection (you Cocoon Crackers know who I’m talkin’ too!)

And finally the ‘pledge’ (what kind of support group would we be without a pledge?!)

10. I, YOUR NAME, am/was/don’t want to be a Cocoon Cracker and hereby vow to amend my Cocoon Cracker ways! I also vow that from this date forward that when I am exposed to worthwhile experiences I will : 1st LEARN the value/skill that the experience presents me, 2nd I will continue to learn the value/skill to a level where I can then teach it (LEARN TO TEACH), and lastly, I will then TEACH it to my team members! Now go froth my dear “CC” brothers & sisters and let others know there is a CURE! ;)”

That, my friends, is advice some someone who has lived it and been successful!  Take it to heart, let people grow at their own pace, and move on to the next one who says they’re ready to go!