How do you fill a lake with water?  One little DRIP of water at a time!  This system is created with that idea in mind.  To encourage each person to do their part consistently, but then to inspire others to get on board.  Our standards for this program were to ensure it is Duplicable, using Resources that members already have on hand, daily acting on Income producing activities, and above all with a focus on People.
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Step One:  Know Your Why!

It is crucial to your success to understand WHY you want to build a Young Living business.  This is why it is the critical first step in the system.  You will need to re-evaluate your why as your life changes, and as you grow and reach your goals!  Click the module below for more help finding your Why!

Find Your WHY

Step Two:  Daily Activies

Weekly Activity Tracker

Consistency is the key to growing your business.  Focusing time to daily commit to working your business.  John Maxwell encourages you to create a habit of doing 5 things every day.  This system is founded upon doing these things every day.

Use & Learn Product
Income Producing Activities
Personal Development

Step Three:  Weekly Intentional Interactions

On top of doing the 5 Daily Activities, it is essential that you commit to ONE intentional interaction with someone about the product every week.  This needs to be a scheduled one on one, phone call, class, or event where you intentionally share and educate someone new about the product or business.  In order to be duplicable, we encourage you to stick to ONE event per week.

Weekly Interactions

Step Four: Structure Strategically

Structuring your organization effectively from the very beginning will greatly benefit you while growing your business.  It makes for easier communication and less potential for conflict as you grow.


Step Five: Best Practices & Troubleshooting

We have gathered a comprehensive list of best practices from successful leaders all over Young Living.  These are details that you can grow your organization without, but that are nice touches to really taking your business to the next level.  This resource is also great if you are struggling with a particular area (for example, the best way to invite people to a class or event.)

Best Practices