I’ve been asked to write about cross-recruiting… and here are my thoughts…

First, occasionally, relatives or dear friends end up in different groups. That’s rare, but it happens, and yes, in those cases, it’s probably a good idea to maintain peace in the family and have one or the other move, so that both are together somewhere.  A good rule of thumb might be, “Who enrolled first?”

However, there’s another issue involving moving people called cross-recruiting, where Young Living members actively try to get members from other groups to join theirs, rather than going out, into their communities, and enrolling their own people. This is not only against YL Policies… it’s unethical and just plain wrong.

In network marketing they say that it takes contacting someone an average of 5 times before we enroll them.   So someone, somewhere, has invested the time, energy, and finances to enroll those people.   Is it fair for others to step in at that point, and take them?  The people who are convinced to move are often good friends with their original enrollers and while the enroller agrees to let them move, they are hurt beyond words.

The cross-recruiters may offer them something that they think will persuade them to move, promising great things, which rarely happen.  And that’s a shame because all the teams in YL have something really wonderful to offer, and will help people in whatever way is needed. Sometimes you just have to go upline to find that help.

Once people move, they usually regret it, discovering that the grass really isn’t “greener on the other side.” Then they’re embarrassed and disheartened.

Another tactic used is where the cross-recruiter has the person enroll under them using another name, like their husband’s, and then advise them to let their own account go inactive.   This is totally against Young Living’s Policies & Procedures, and people caught doing this can be terminated.  It’s just so dishonest to break the rules like that, and it taints the business and the network marketing industry.

Some people tell the YL members in their area, “You can only come to my events if you move to my group.”  How sad is that?  Those of us who built the foundation of Young Living discovered early on that our groups quickly became global, and we could not be everywhere at once.   So by allowing members from other groups to attend our events, and insuring that they would not be cross-recruited in the process, the other leaders did the same for us.   It’s been a beautiful thing, and we’ve all prospered.

For the past 21 years, I have maintained the following ethic:   I do not solicit, encourage, or allow people to move from another group into mine.   I’ve refused to allow 100’s to move.   Sometimes people have sneaked in, but that’s painful for me, because it compromises MY integrity as a leader and it’s not fair for them to do that without my permission (which they would never get).

I have told many, many people, “If you stay where you are, I will help you.  If you move into my group, I will not.”  I have helped them discover who their upline leaders are, and I’ve helped connect them with their upline Diamonds.  I’ve also trained and mentored many, many people from other groups, many of whom have reached top ranks, and I know that most of the other top leaders in YL have done the same.   It’s been a win/win situation for all of us.   And, the really great thing is that we know we can trust one another, and we cherish the lifetime friendships that have developed.

Every group has Diamonds who are very willing to help the members of their teams in whatever way they can, so there is no acceptable excuse for cross-recruiting.   The new Virtual Office tells us who our upline Diamond is.

The overall mission of Young Living is to help people, worldwide, live healthier, happier, and more abundant lives.   If we leaders can help one another, we’re all sharing the vision and the mission, and we can accomplish great things – together. 

Vicki Opfer

Young Living Royal Crown Diamond