Generation Commissions

The Generational Leadership Commissions are paid out based on Generations of leaders in the organization of a Silver leader or above (henceforth referred to as Leader). Every member is in the generation of their nearest upline Leader. In your organization, you personal generation (the purple) are all members under you who do not have another Leader between you. Generation 2 (brown) consists of the organization of a Silver or above leader on your team. Generation 3 (gold) represents the organization of a Leader that is un the organization of another Leader in your organization. Generation commissions are paid to Silver leaders and above based on where the generation falls in the organization.



Commissions Paid on Each Generation

Generation Bonus

The Generational Leadership Bonuses are paid to Silver and above leaders are paid shares based on their rank, and the rank of Leaders in their downline.

Generation Leadership Bonus & Commission

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