One of the major takeaways I had from the Mastermind Event this weekend is how much our success and that of our leaders is tied our ability to envision what our future would be like were we to succeed.  So often in the process of just growing up, we give up our big dreams (owning a helicopter, a private island, etc.) for something more realistic like just being able to pay our bills and maybe be able to retire at some point in our lives!

As one of the Mastermind speakers, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, talked to us about helping our team members (and ourselves) envision what success would look like in our lives in a very practical way.  He told us to make a list of 25 things we would do when we reach a full-time income in our company.  That would be about Gold level for most people.  We worked a bit on our list, then he asked us to share this list with the person next to us.  My sweet friend didn’t get past number 5 on her list before she was choking up!  She had connected on a deeper level with what success would mean for her and her family.

Later in the week, I had an opportunity to ask Richard Bliss Brooke (author of The Four Year Career) a question.  I asked him how we can help our leaders who have begun growing a business “on accident” begin to really claim this as a business, and step into their role as a leader.  He began to talk about how we needed to ask the right questions of them to help them find the value in what this business can do for them, on a very personal level.  He said, “Keep asking questions until they are moved.”  Then he proceeded to use me as an example.  This is about how our conversation went:

Mr. Brooke:  I’ll use you as an example.  Will you stand up for me?  What is your name?

Me:  Ashley.

Mr. Brooke:  Okay Ashley, when you started, what did you want to be able to do with the income from Young Living?

Me:  I wanted to be able to pay for my own products.

Mr. Brooke:  What is the next thing you wanted to be able to do with your Young Living income?

Me:  I was able to quit my full time teaching position to be home with my kids.

Mr. Brooke:  Alright.  Now, I want everyone to turn around and look at Ashley.  Make sure you can see her face when I ask this next question.  (By this time I’m already tearing up!)  Ashley, why does it mean so much to you to be home with your kids?

Me: (a bumbling mess already)  I don’t want it to be someone else who raises them…

Mr. Brooke:  Stick a fork in her, she’s done!
What Mr. Brooke did for me was validate everything I had learned so far that event!  The key to unlocking the motivation in myself and in my leaders is getting to the heart of what they REALLY want.  How can Young Living make a difference in their life that will really mean something to them on a deeper level than simple finances.  Money is not the root motivation for many people.  Instead, what they can DO with money motivates them.

This weekend, I will be meeting with the leaders on my team, and we are going to learn how to dream again.  We’re going to dig deep to find that greater purpose in our lives for succeeding in Young Living.

Below you will find the files that I intend to share with my team members this weekend so we can list our 25 things, and begin dreaming together!