When I first heard about the concept of YL Gathering Place, I was thrilled! This is the energy that built Young Living even at the beginning. The first event I attended in Utah, back in January 1994, I was amazed and thrilled when Marcella Vonn Harting, took the time to introduce herself and make friends. Even 20 years later, we remain friends. Oh and we are not in the same line.

The typical push, shove, mine, mine, mine of normal MLM was not what I was witnessing with YL. At that first Utah event, I heard Gary say he thought he had a company with a mission, but that he realized there WAS a mission, and he volunteered his company for it.

Maybe its the products themselves that allows us to feel like family, I know a feeling of pride when I see the growth of this amazingly beautiful company. The thrill when you hear from someone who a few months earlier was struggling with some issue or another and they feel Young Living gave them the resources to find their way out of the struggle.

To heal fully, we must heal on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. Even financially! Young Living is the only product line that has the ability to assist on all levels. This group will become extended family that cares about you and your success. AND FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS. Without agendas. Without judgement. Sooooo, welcome to the family!!

Kathy Farmer
Royal Crown Diamond