Young Living stands out from other essential oil companies because of its deep commitment to purity and quality. The Seed to Seal Guarantee is a promise to members and customers that Young Living will have control over the entire process of planting, growing, cultivating, and distilling the oils. This ensures that the oils offered by Young Living are therapeutic-grade and of the highest quality possible.




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To join the Young Living Team is to commit yourself to the support and education of others in Young Living Essential Oils. It is a calling for those that want to make a life-altering impact in the health of others, and want to grow and cultivate new leaders to do the same!

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To get started, you first must become a Young Living member! You will need the Young Living ID of the person who introduced you and is willing to coach you on your journey. If you do not already have a Young Living contact, take your pick! There are many great leaders featured on this website!