There are a number of incredible leaders in Young Living that provide trainings on a weekly or monthly basis to ALL Young Living Members! This is an excellent way to tap into leaders across the company and learn from the best!

Trainings by Young Living Leaders

Adam Green
Adam GreenCrown Diamond Leader

My name is Adam Green and I am a passionate network marketing professional, promoting natural health and wellness with Young Living Essential Oils. At only 25 years old, I have been able to develop a massive Young Living organization, helping numerous people become network marketing professionals. With the help of my team, I was able to achieve becoming the Youngest Crown Diamond in Young Living history, empowering others with physical and financial wellness. Due to our team’s rapid success, I have found myself in an amazing position where I can influence and inspire others to achieve their own level of success. As a highly sought after international speaker, I am able to provide inspiration and motivation for all age groups. Having been invited to speak four times by Young Living at their international conventions, as well as privately for numerous other organizations throughout Canada and the USA, I have managed to accrue a wealth of information on training, nutrition, and essential oils, helping everyone to improve both their financial and personal health. I take pride in empowering my Young Living team to achieve their own levels of success, and am committed to supporting my team/family achieve their dreams.

Francis Fuller
Francis FullerRoyal Crown Diamond Leader
Frances Fuller relocated to Singapore from Palm Beach, Florida USA where she was nationally certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in and State certified by the Florida Department of Health as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Continuing Education Provider. Integrating therapeutic-grade essential oils into all of the modalities that she has practiced and taught through the years, Frances’ passion is assisting others in achieving higher levels of wellness, purpose and abundance in all aspects of their lives. She combines her training in massage, counseling, emotional release, essential oils, nutrition, and education to offer leadership to others choosing to create shifts at the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels.

A Reiki Master in both the Usui and Karuna systems, Frances founded Rainbow Healing System. In addition, she has taught seminars on Science & Application of Essential Oils, Reiki, Healing Touch, Emotional Release, Raindrop Therapy, Meditation, Cellular Level Healing, VitaFlex Therapy, Crystal and Chakra Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Yin Yang Stone Massage, One Brain, and Language of Light. Previously, in Virginia she taught algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, DISC and Myers-Briggs Temperament Sorting for many years.

Frances now spends most of her time teaching throughout Asia, sharing the benefits of the Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils with others.

Cheri Ross
Cheri RossRoyal Crown Diamond Leader
 Cherie Ross is a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond leader and essential oils educator.
Teri Secrest
Teri Secrest Royal Crown Diamond Leader

Teri Secrest has been a highly successful entrepreneur for over thirty-five years.  Teri is one of the top 1% women earners in America today and she is passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams.

Teri is the author of  “How to be a Stunning Success in Network Marketing” and “Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden”. She has been a guest on over fifty international radio and television shows and is a sought-after speaker on business and healthy lifestyles.

Teri’s heart is being an ambassador to the nations, bringing people and ideas together to help individuals reach their highest potential! As the owner of 4 successful businesses including three traditional businesses and one Network Marketing business, she believes that even the most challenging life history can become the most victorious life destiny! Teri has lectured across the globe on business and health including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Teri resides with her family in beautiful Colorado Springs. During her free time, Teri loves swimming, boating, hiking, dancing, entertaining, ice skating, music, family time and friend time!

Brian & Shannon Hudson
Brian & Shannon HudsonDiamond Leaders
We are Brian & Shannon Hudson. We are Diamond Distributors in this wonderful Young Living Essential Oils Company. We have been with Young Living since February 2007, and our lives have been changed forever. We live in Grand Blanc, Michigan with our 2 home-schooled daughters ages 18 & 16 ~ Cassandra & Breanna, along with our 2 college students David & Alicia.Our Young Living Business name is A New Hope because that is what this company gave us ~ A New Hope. When we were introduced to Young Living we were hesitant. We did not want to get involved in a multi level marketing company. We had no desire to “sell” anything. However, when a friend of ours finally talked Shannon into trying the Raindrop Kit, our life was changed! The change in clarity & energy was extraordinary! We knew we would HAVE to tell other people!

What we had was A New Hope. A hope that at the ages of 37 & 39 that we could live a long healthy vibrant life! That is exactly what Young Living has given us and we pray that is what Young Living will do for you as well. If there is anything we can do to help you understand this company, its products, or health & nutrition in general ~~ please don’t hesitate to call.

From the very first drop of essential oil we began telling everyone about this wonderful company!! I always tell people, “If good things have happened to you & you are living a life full of abundance, DON’T be selfish, TELL somebody else what changed your life!” Young Living Essential Oils is an amazing multi level marketing company.

You have in your hands a chance to change your life, the lives of your family & the lives of thousands of people in EVERY area Wellness, Purpose & Abundance!!

You will find huge amounts of Young Living Educational materials on this site. We have everything from class handouts, audio trainings & webinars. We post anything we think will help YOU grow. Please feel free to copy any information you find & pass it on to other people. We have information regarding build a business, information about the company, products, or nutrition in general. We would love your feedback on the site!If you are interested in more information & you are not sure where to start, start with the audio Missing Link by D. Gary Young. We also offer weekly Health & Wellness Conference Calls on Mondays @ 7:00pm EST (949)229-4100 Pin 194449# you will hear classes in session. For a list of topics please go events page. You can also ask direct questions that are answered several times a week on that is Shannon Hudson’s Face book page~~ Join us =)

We look forward to getting to know you better,
Brian & Shannon Hudson

Jen Springer
Jen SpringerPlatinum Leader
Jen joined Young Living in 2001 because she was intrigued by the products and looking for a way out of Corporate America. She couldn’t imagine working 9 to 5 until she was age 65 without having the freedom to do what she wanted, when she wanted to.  Within 6 months of growing her business she was able to replace her income and quit her full-time job as a quality engineer to grow her Young Living business.  She enjoys helping people realize their long forgotten dreams by offering them a way to live their TRUE LIFE by partnering with our team & Young Living.
Wise Choice Centers
Wise Choice Centers Royal Crown Diamond Leaders Connie & Michael McDanel
It had always been our dream to have a business where we felt we were contributing something, yet have the time freedom which is so important to our personal life goals. We were tired of not having time for the things important to our family and not being in control of our own future.

We both had great careers, a United States Air Force officer and a teacher, but we started to feel that no matter how disciplined we were, we never had enough TIME or money to do all we dreamed of doing.

Now we have the privilege of showing individuals and businesses how to integrate the benefits of Young Living products into their lives or businesses. This creates purposeful contribution to their lives; yet creates a pattern of revenue as well.

We searched long and hard for a business that would serve purpose as well as create abundance in our lives. What we found was a business that fit us–Young Living. After the loss of young family members to cancer and the over use of medications, we felt compelled to share our journey of awakening. We educate and model a lifestyle striving toward optimal health. Even more importantly, we share our entrepreneurial story that has given us TIME to live our life priorities.

Life is too short to continue trading time for money and families are looking for options. We have found most people desire to fulfill a purposeful contribution, they wish to enjoy their daily work, they want increased profitability without increasing overtime, and they desire to have the freedom and flexibility for personal and family life.

Today, we look forward to working with other people who share a desire for purposeful contribution to others as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. We enjoy building relationships with people, and help them to create revenue for their families and realize their dreams. As a circle of friends, we can share a message of becoming informed consumers and change the way society views wellness and at the same time impact our environment for future generations.

If you desire wellness, purpose and abundance, Young Living will fit you and your desire to make a difference!

To your success,

Connie and Michael McDanel

YL Fast Track
YL Fast TrackPlatinum Leader Dr. Danette Goodyear, Diamond Leader Melissa Poepping, Diamond Leader April Pointer, and Royal Crown Diamond Leader Alyssa Francis
We are excited to have you join us and be a part of Young Living’s amazing education and business opportunities.  This site is designed to help you with your business by hosting and posting calls that pertain to products, business support, motivation (you may find another reason to share your oils!) and the Young Living lifestyle. We want you to be successful in helping yourself and others achieve better health and longevity.  Audio Password: YLFast